Beltane Blessings from Avalon

Hello Beautiful Souls,

Beltane is here! How wonderful is this! To our celtic ancestors, this festival marked the beginning of the summer half of the year: now the air is warm on our skin, the land is lushest, the grass is greenest and there are flowers everywhere! Here in Avalon the lanes are white, lined with hawthorn trees, each one adorned with scented little stars, and in the many orchards the apple trees wear clouds of soft pink and white blossoms in their branches.

Glimpse Her dancing in the apple orchards of Avalon…

The Goddess takes on Her shape of Lover Goddess, who we celebrate as Rhiannon here in Avalon, She who rides between the worlds, bringing beauty and music to awaken us to the love that is all around for us, and as Epona, the old celtic horse goddess. The rich early summer beauty of the land brings us a softening in our bodies and hearts. We feel Her love inside and we call Her in when we make love. How blessed are we to know and love the Lover Goddess!

Kathy and Sue opening the Goddess Temple Gifts shop at Beltane in 2013

At Beltane we also celebrate our shop’s birthday! We’ve been open for six years now in the Glastonbury Experience courtyard, and it’s a total delight to watch the joy on the faces of the Goddess pilgrims browsing through our products, choosing which wonderful statue or painting they will take home with them, to make Goddess visible and present in their lives. We are supporting many wonderful artists, some local and some from around the globe, who share their love for Goddess through Goddess Temple Gifts, and we just love the outpouring of talent and creativity and the many many ways in which Goddess expresses Herself through the items that we sell.

Altar in the shop dedicated to Rhiannon the Great Lover Goddess with stunning painting by Tiana and beautiful sculptures by Jane Rickards and Wyn Abbot.

The Beltane season is a time of great sensuality and sensual delights. The Goddess Temple and Goddess Hall are dressed in Rhiannon’s luscious reds and in the shop Sue has also created a beautiful altar to the Lover Goddess. The gorgeous painting of Rhiannon was created by Tiana and if you love it as much as I do, you can purchase prints of it through our website and create your own altar to the Goddess of Love in your home. 

This week the Goddess Temple is offering many events indoors and out in Her nature to meet and celebrate Rhiannon, Her sensual presence and the sacred union of love. It is a wonderful opportunity for men to celebrate the Goddess of Sensuality and Sexuality embodied in the women in their lives, and to receive her love. Sacred sexual priestess Angie Twydall has developped a beautiful Rhiannon oil, which has been blended especially for anointing each other in your sacred union ceremonies or anointing yourself in a ritual of self love. For women, Beltane is the perfect time to discover and celebrate Her within themselves. In this spirit we are offering some really delicious sensual women only events over at Goddess House, like sensual dancing, womb rite ceremony and fragrant essential oil workshop. All these are lovingly and skillfully held and will bring you truly into your body.

Angie’s wonderful womb health products, wrapped in delicious red Rhiannon pouches, showcased in the shop

Our bodies are the body of the Goddess. Yes, Rhiannon’s red is the colour of red roses, the flower of love, and of sweet strawberries which bring delight to our tastebuds, but it is also the colour of our sacred moon blood. Our feminine essence and power is rooted in our sacred womb space and through our monthly cycle we are constantly reminded that as women we have the potential to partake directly in the creative powers of the Lady. It is a beautiful sacred practice to make time in our busy lives to honour our own womb and our moon time. Love your Lady Landscape by Lisa Lister is a fountain of inspiration for this. This fantastic book is full of gypsy witch womb wisdom, down to earth and fun ways (exercises, meditations, yoga, …) to connect to Her power within you, as well as ceremonies and herbal recipes that will nurture your body while enlivening your senses. Plus Lisa is funny and it’s a joy to read! If you are not the type to blend your own teas and steams, we have some beautiful Yoni Steams and Womb Clay packs ready for you to buy in the shop or online, again created by Angie. There are so many ways to treat yourself and celebrate your unique beauty this Beltane. If you are local, maybe you want to pop into the shop and have a look at all the gorgeous wraps and jewellery created by many talented craftspeople. And if you’re not, please browse through our website to see all the beautiful books and artwork to inspire and delight your heart.

Maybe you want to treat yourself to a Beltane gift. Maybe you want to jump the fire with your Beloved. Or maybe you want to dance around the Maypole with your community. However you enjoy this festival of the Lover Goddess, I hope it brings you joy, pleasure and connection to the Goddess within you. Have a wonderful Beltane!

With many luscious Blessings of Love from Avalon,

Joanne x

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