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Glorious Moon Times

Hello Beautiful,

how would you feel if I told you your moon time was a sacred time when you’re much closer to the Goddess than at other times in your cycle? Slightly weirded out? Or would you say, blessed be to this, sister! If you’re a man reading this, how does this make you feel? Is this completely irrelevant to

This painting of Rhiannon by Joanne Foucher radiates with raw power, doesn’t it?

you, or are you curious to find out more of how it is for women to bleed?  Why not ask the women in your life to share their experience with you? If you feel awquard about this, regardless of your gender, please, please, please keep reading – and simply be curious! In the Goddess Temple community we talk about moon cycles and menstruation with passion, dignity and usually a lot of laughter – they are a completely normal natural thing and the time of period shaming is over.


Rhiannon, the great Lover Goddess in Avalon, is present in our bodies. As a woman I feel Her presence not only when I feel well and beautiful, but also when I bleed and things get messy! Our lives today are mostly not set up in a way where we live in sync with our cycle, and many women are looking for ways to control their periods and the way they affect them. I would really like to encourage you to find a way to live your life embracing your cycle as it is, rather than trying to make it fit into your life. Women are cyclic beings living in a world that is largely linear, but if we pay attention to how our energy changes through the roughly four weeks of our cycle, we can access this amazing gift of energy, creativity, spiritual insights and connection to the Lady. In Goddess Temple Gifts, we are very enthusiastic about supporting women who remember

Sacred Womb sound journey cd by sally pullinger

Sally Pullinger’s stunning Sacred Womb Journey CD

the power of their moon blood and who want to reclaim their moon time as sacred. We have many fantastic books full of wisdom and inspiration. If you can, please come into the shop so we can show you a few or click here to get directly to our website. Particularly have a look at the wonderful books by Lucy H. Pearce, Miranda Gray and Lisa Lister. Lisa writes:



When you work with your menstrual cycle and unlock this wisdom and the medicine that is within it, you are setting out on a sacred journey deep into yourself, one that ladykind has been travelling since the beginning of time.

The most important bit I think is giving yourself the space for what it is you need during the different phases of your cycle. Start charting your cycle to get really familiar with every phase. It will change your life, especially if you suffer from painful moons. You can transform a stressful time to your personal wellness time, with rest, a soft blanket, a nice herbal tea and some really nurturing music. Sally Pullinger’s Womb Sound Journey CD opens a beautiful safe and sacred sound container to explore your own journey into and with your own womb (click here to buy it directly from our website)  It’s a wonderful, empowering thing to do for yourself! Find a way to mark the sanctity of your moon time. Here is my little ritual, that I do whenever I notice that my moon has come, no matter where I am. I immediately say this prayer to remind myself of what my moon blood actually means:

november's super moon

The glorious, glorious moon!

I am an aspect of the Goddess, I am a part of the divine

I am She and She is I, And together we are one.

And then I go and have some really good dark chocolate, to celebrate myself and honour the awesome divine power of creation that sits in my body. And yes, I do this every month. Why not create your own ritual – it’s fun! Moon cycles are a part of every woman’s life for several decades. We should own them and not suffer from them. From my heart I wish you so much joy exploring and reclaiming your own moon.

With love and blessings from Avalon,


Goddess Temple Gifts

Rhiannon’s Gift of Sensuality

Hello beautiful Soul,

do you sometimes stop when you’re out in nature, close your eyes and feel the wind on your face? How it caresses your skin? Plays with your hair?

Beltane The Blossoming A4 Size Print by Julie Collet

I love this painting by Julie Collet of Rhiannon – Beltane The Blossoming… It vibrates with energy, life power and sensuality, don’t you think?

You are embodied sensuality. As human beings we often focus only on our eyes and ears, when we are really able to take in where we are and what is going on with all our senses – and feel one with the elements and the natural world. How rich is our experience of life when we embrace all the sensual sensations of our marvellous bodies!

At Goddess Temple Gifts we are very enthusiastic about supporting people to reclaim their sensual nature and explore their oneness with Goddess. We are at the height of the early summer Beltane season. Rhiannon, the Lover Goddess, is kissing our senses awake with birdsong in the mornings, the colours and scent of the first roses and the taste of elderflower juice. In my understanding, my sensual aliveness really comes from the Goddess’ presence in my body.

“All acts of love and pleasure are my ritual”,

She speaks, but for so long there has been a huge shaming of women’s sensuality and sexuality in our society. Goddess really frees us from this patriarchal concept. We are alive now, to live empowered lives in gratitude and connection on this beautiful planet – not some time in the future, but right now! As women we are free to enjoy our sensual nature, as men we are free to love our sensual partners. Have you ever called Rhiannon’s presence in and anointed your Beloved with honouring, worshipping touch? Have you ever been consciously honoured like this? If you’re without a partner, then give yourself an honouring massage with loving hands. This link will take you to our website, where we have some some beautiful anointment oils to choose from. Really practice dedicating time and attention to your sensual self. It is so much fun to explore and find the things that please your senses! Personally, I like to share some strawberries and some dark chocolate with my Beloved, and of course we choose music that delights our ears. This does not have to lead into love-making, but if it does, then this is wonderful.

Colours, shape, scent and heat caressing our senses as we walk in the realm of Rhiannon at Beltane

Rhiannon rides the White Mare into freedom. She brings sensuality and sexuality, unrestricted by convention. I can just feel that freedom when I walk the land of Avalon. Now in late May it can get really hot and the sun has warmed up the Earth. It is exhilarating to feel the warm soil, the physical body of the Goddess, under my naked feet. Walking up the Tor or Wearyall Hill in the heat we are really walking through the erotic realm of the Lover Goddess. Breathing in the musk scent of hawthorn, feeling the sweat run along my body, finding a spot to lie down on the Earth and let sunshine and wind caress my skin… spending some time present with the sexual energy in my body and offering it to the land in connection and in gratitude… walking back home inspired and energised. For me as a priestess of Avalon, I love practicing on the land, and this is one of my favourite personal practices to connect with the Lover Goddess. Kathy Jones has published a wonderful book called In the Nature of Avalon which describes many

Exploring Avalon in the land

beautiful pilgrimages, walks with sacred intent, you can take in the land of Avalon. If you’re not yet very familiar with the land, this will not only give you directions on where sacred places in the landscape are, but also suggest prayers, mantras, vsualisations and little ceremoniesto do there to really journey deep. Click here to buy it directly from our website. But you don’t have to be in Avalon to walk in the erotic realm of Rhiannon, you can do this wherever you are. With the fantastic weather at the moment, why not take some time this bank holiday weekend to dedicate to a sensual walk in the Lady’s landscape?

Wishing you joy exploring and reclaiming more of sensual nature and Rhiannon’s presence in your life.

With blessings from Avalon,


Goddess Temple Gifts  

Lover Goddesses in Avalon

The Hawthorn is in blossom all over Avalon, giving off their beautiful feminie scent in the warm sunshine

Hello Lovely People,

I hope you are all enjoying a beautiful early summer wherever you are, drinking in the beautiful, sensual energies of this season, feeling the Lover Goddess’s love all around and within you!

Amazing banner by Wendy Andrew of the Lover Goddess with Rhiannon’s doves of love, Epona’s white mare and Blodeuwedd’s owl

Here in Avalon, the temple looks beautiful in Her luscious red. It is very special to enter the sacred space, so dedicatedly and skillfully held by the Melissas (women and men who voluntarily give their time to keep the temple open seven days a week), to take in the imagery and the rich materials and breathe in the incense, which is burnt in the temple in honour of the Lady of Avalon. The stunning painting on the altar that you can see in the photo on the left was created by Jon Minshull and shows the Lady in Her sacred nature of Avalon. At the moment this piece remains on the altar through all the seasons, while the excellent temple dresser team change the colours and details of the temple decorations around it, according to the season of the year. This is a very rich image full of details. It is mesmerizing to sit in the sacred space in the temple, listen to the beautiful music the Melissas play and gaze at the painting, discovering all the hidden details and exploring what they might mean for me at this time in my life. Everytime my gaze is drawn to something else in the painting. In the shop we have cards and A3 prints Jon’s painting for sale to adorn your altar at home with. And if you want to take more of the temple’s special athmosphere home with you, I recommend the beautiful CD Lady of Avalon by Heloise Pilkington. Heloise is a gifted musician and songwriter with a voice like clear water. We often play her CDs in the shop, and the otherworldly arrangements always touch the hearts of all who come in. There is also the delicious Rhiannon incense which containes only natural ingredients. It is handblended by Priestesses here in Avalon and perfect to call in Her loving and liberating presence into your home. Read More…

Beltane Blessings from Avalon

Hello Beautiful Souls,

Beltane is here! How wonderful is this! To our celtic ancestors, this festival marked the beginning of the summer half of the year: now the air is warm on our skin, the land is lushest, the grass is greenest and there are flowers everywhere! Here in Avalon the lanes are white, lined with hawthorn trees, each one adorned with scented little stars, and in the many orchards the apple trees wear clouds of soft pink and white blossoms in their branches.

Glimpse Her dancing in the apple orchards of Avalon…

The Goddess takes on Her shape of Lover Goddess, who we celebrate as Rhiannon here in Avalon, She who rides between the worlds, bringing beauty and music to awaken us to the love that is all around for us, and as Epona, the old celtic horse goddess. The rich early summer beauty of the land brings us a softening in our bodies and hearts. We feel Her love inside and we call Her in when we make love. How blessed are we to know and love the Lover Goddess!

Kathy and Sue opening the Goddess Temple Gifts shop at Beltane in 2013

At Beltane we also celebrate our shop’s birthday! We’ve been open for six years now in the Glastonbury Experience courtyard, and it’s a total delight to watch the joy on the faces of the Goddess pilgrims browsing through our products, choosing which wonderful statue or painting they will take home with them, to make Goddess visible and present in their lives. We are supporting many wonderful artists, some local and some from around the globe, who share their love for Goddess through Goddess Temple Gifts, and we just love the outpouring of talent and creativity and the many many ways in which Goddess expresses Herself through the items that we sell. Read More…

A Review of Soul and Shadow, Birthing MotherWorld by Jeri Studebaker

by Jeri Studebaker

Birthing MotherWorld Kathy Jones

In several ways this book amazed me. First, I was blown away by Kathy Jones’ utter honesty about profoundly personal parts of her life: her deep fears, her screw-ups, her cancers, and her confusions about her own life, motivations and leadership abilities.

Second, whatever she herself felt about it, I was struck by Kathy’s remarkable ability to lead others. The sheer number of outstanding Goddess workshops, classes, presentations, field trips, conferences, plays, and other activities she has led, created and/or organized is overwhelming. After finishing the book I am in awe of her energy, dedication and creativity.

Third, Kathy describes her years-long battle with certain members of the UK Goddess community, her attempts to understand and heal the ancient wounds she feels caused this friction, wounds not only in the others but also in herself. Despite all her painful and laborious work, however, the abuse continued — mostly on social media. What’s amazing to me is that Kathy didn’t give up. At one point, driving in her car, she looked at a wall ahead of her and had thoughts of driving into it. She didn’t, and she didn’t desert the Glastonbury Goddess community, either. Read More…

Latest book from Kathy Jones – Soul and Shadow Birthing Motherworld

The Healing Journey of a Priestess of Avalon


Latest book from Kathy Jones - Soul and Shadow Birthing Motherworld


In her latest book Kathy Jones describes her own Priestess journey as her Shadow wounding revealed itself in experiences of cancer, accident and voracious personal attacks on social media. All so that she might heal herself of the wounds of this and previous lives.

‘The small country town of Glastonbury in Somerset, England is a physical expression of the Sacred Isle of Avalon, the Otherworldly Paradise where Goddess dwells always and forever.  Here She is known as the Lady of Avalon, Nolava of the Sacred Land, Goddess of love, compassion, discernment, deep healing and transformation.

The Path of becoming Her Priestess or Priest of Avalon is not an easy one. The Lady opens our hearts to our Soul’s energies and brings us also to meet the Shadow places within so that our wounds might be healed.’

Kathy Jones is a Priestess of Avalon, Priestess of Goddess, Founder, Creative Director & Temple Weaver of Glastonbury Goddess Temple, Goddess Hall & Goddess House. She is Founder of Glastonbury Goddess Conference & Motherworld Initiator.  Kathy has lived on the Isle of Avalon in Glastonbury for forty years and loves this sacred land of Goddess. She is a ceremonialist, teacher, writer, wounded healer, initiator, Temple Melissa and sacred dramatist.  She is the author of several acclaimed Goddess books. Kathy offers with other dedicated Priestesses, a three Spiral Training to become a Priestess or Priest of Avalon, and other Goddess and Soul Healing trainings.  Read More…

Domnu Goddess of Water by Artist Caroline Lir

Domnu Goddess of Water by Artist Caroline Lir

Domnu Goddess of Water by Artist Caroline Lir

This beautiful painting of Domnu Goddess of Water by Artist Caroline Lir is part of a series of  Caroline’s Goddess artwork, and can be seen, along with others,  in the Goddess Hall at Glastonbury, where the Priestess of Avalon training takes place.  Caroline painted her way around the wheel of the year when she was training to become a Priestess of Avalon, as a way of processing all that she was learning, which now in turn benefits all students who take the Priestess training.

Now available as prints to buy from Goddess Temple Gifts,  the paragraphs below form a beautiful story of Domnu Goddess of Water by artist Caroline Lir,  and gives an insight to the inspiration behind her work.

“In ancient Irish mythology, Domnu is the Mother of the ancient race of the Fiomore, older sister of Danu, who we meet at the Winter Solstice. Their story symbolises the struggle between light and shadow in our being. In Domnu’s watery realm of depth, shadow and deep emotion many riches are hidden.
Domnu is Queen of the deep, Mother of Water, placed at Summer Solstice in the South of the wheel of Britannia. A magical presence felt in sea, surf and spray. Her healing is given in the icy flow of the rivers and springs. She is present in the rain and flows in our tears, for she is the holder of our emotions. Call on Domnu and she will do whatever it takes to open you up, to release your suppressed emotions, so that, flowing freely once more you have the strength to express yourself, to cry, grieve, keen, scream, laugh, dance and love. For you are held in in Her compassionate, unconditional love, She is the chalice that holds your deep emotion. It is She who opens us to feel our emotional wounding, that we may express all we have suppressed and heal in Her sacred waters.

Here we meet Domnu on the shoreline, dancing joyously on the Eve of the Summer Solstice. With Her we dance all night, and watch the sunrise on the longest day. This is a night to enjoy who you are and what you have achieved. All around you nature is rampant, in total manifestation. A sacred heron flies silhouetted against the full moon, whose silver light is reflected in the water. Her dolphins leap playfully in the shimmering water. Domnu, herself, has been crying with us, Her empathy for our pain clearly expressed, but she is now celebrating, in dance, the wisdom and joy that come from our emotional release. She is free, wild and full of joy. On the rocks in the foreground are Her treasures of the deep and Her sacred chalice.

Domnu’s animals are the dolphin, whale, salmon, seal and heron. Her tree is the oak and Her symbols are the chalice and the shell. Her colour is blue.”

Caroline’s beautiful artwork is available to buy as A3 and A4 Prints, shipped worldwide from the Courtyard of the Glastonbury Experience in Somerset.

Goddess Temple Gifts, the place for all things Goddess…

Domnu Goddess of Water by Artist Caroline Lir

Mother of Water, Domnu, Lady of the Lake by Kathy Jones

Mother of Water,  Domnu,  Lady of the Lake 


Mother of Water, Domnu, Lady of the Lake 


The Mother of Water in the South is Domnu. She is Ocean Woman, Queen of the Deep, Mother of the Sea Waters which evaporate into the air forming clouds that ride the winds. Sweeping in across the coasts of Brigit’s Isles rain pours from the clouds back onto the earth, seeping deep into the land from which it slowly rises as springs, or flows over the land as rivers which return once again to Her great Ocean.

Domnu’s festival in Brigit’s Isles comes at the Summer Solstice when the Sun climbs to its zenith in the sky, when all of nature is open to life and Her energy pours out to us. In Brigit’s Isles we travel south to sit in the sunshine and to bathe in Her Ocean waves. Her colour is Blue, the ever changing colours of the sky reflected in water, the colour of clean rivers, lakes and oceans.

She is the Full Moon, a silver globe shining in the night-time sky, drawing us towards Her, filling us with lunacy. All of nature swells with energy, flowers blossom in profusion, trees spread their branches and animals give birth and feed their young from Her bounty. Her companions live in Her waters – Whale, Seal, Dolphin and Salmon of Wisdom and all the creatures that live in the sea.

Domnu is Goddess of the Ocean of Emotion. She can be moist, soft, warm and receptive or cold, dangerous and overwhelming. We swim in Her waters with care and respect. Her talisman are the Sea Shell and the Chalice of  emotional wisdom. She encourages us to express ourselves, to be who we truly are.  She calls us to mystical surrender within the Oceans of Her nature.

Kathy Jones, Solstice 2017.

At Beltane 2017 Kathy Jones updated and reprinted her book, The Ancient British Goddess, Her Myths, legends, sacred Sites and Present Revelation. “This book is a good introduction to Goddess in Brigit’s Isle and how we can find out who She is through becoming aware of the ways in which She expresses Herself through the Seasons of Her nature.”  

The updated reprinted edition of this much loved book will be available to buy soon at Goddess Temple Gifts and on Kathy’s website.  Join our mailing list and we can let you know as soon as this edition is available to buy both in the shop and on-line.  Solstice Blessings!


Mother of Water, Domnu, Lady of the Lake 


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