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Banbha Mother of Earth A4 print – New Wheel of the Year by Tiana.

Banbha Mother of Earth created especially for Glastonbury Goddess Temple by Tiana.

A4 size print.  Also available as a gift card and as a cushion cover.


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Banbha Mother of Earth A4 Print by Tiana

Mabon or Autumn Equinox is the festival of Mother Earth falling in the northern hemisphere around the 21st September. It is the season we celebrate the harvest of our Earth Mother’s fruitful nature. We celebrate Nolava of the Earth of Avalon, we honour Brigantia, Lady of the Land, We honour Banbha , Goddess of the land of Women from before the flood, She who is old, older than time itself and who reminds us of just how old the land is but its shapes and forms belong only to Her, born from Her dream.

This image is part of the new Wheel of the year painted by Goddess inspired artist, Tiana especially for the Glastonbury Goddess Temple.  You will see this beautiful new artwork gracing the Temple.

Tiana’s work has now spread world wide, and those who have never visited Glastonbury are becoming aware of her beautiful creations.  Her exhibition at Glastonbury Goddess Conference attracts many people as with each piece Tiana creates, she brings more and more people to Goddess.

This image of Banbha Mother of Earth by Tiana is also available to buy as a gift card, and as a cushion cover.  These cushion covers can be seen within the Morgen circle at the Temple.

This image also now adorns Goddess Energy Spray for Banbha, bringing more beauty to this spray.

We will soon have much  more of her amazing work coming on-line here for you to see and to buy.

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Weight 150 g
Dimensions 33 × 24 × 2 cm