Bridie the Maiden by Karen Mander


Bridie the Maiden, beautiful terracotta altar statue by Karen Mander, displaying the Maiden of New Beginnings and Inspiration, with Her Swan’s Wings around Her

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Bridie The Maiden by Karen Mander

This Bridie the Maiden statue is part of a series of beautiful hand crafted terracotta Goddesses of the Wheel of Britannia made by artist Karen Mander.

The sculptures are a multilayered exploration of psyche and culture. Drawing on traditional and modern versions of the Wheel of the Year, The Medicine Wheel, Goddess imagery, ancient symbolism and Jungian archetypes, it depicts the seasonal procession of the year, overlaying the cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth, whilst reclaiming and celebrating the feminine in spirituality.

The Goddesses of the Wheel are:

  • Cerridwen, the Crone
  • Danu of Air
  • Bridie, the Maiden
  • Artha of Fire
  • Rhiannon, the Lover
  • Domnu of Water
  • Ker, the Mother
  • Banbha of Earth

Please allow three weeks for delivery directly from the artist.


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Weight 500.00 g
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 12 cm


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