I Walk With Beauty CD by Julie Felix


Beautiful and powerful CD by Goddess loving singer/song writer Julie Felix.

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I Walk With Beauty CD by Julie Felix

After 40 years as a performing and recording artist, Julie Felix offers this personal and intimate CD.

I Walk With Beauty is a collection of songs and chants that reflect Julie’s love of Mother Nature, her passion for earth and its rhythms, its music and its wonder.

The songs also reveal Julie’s longing for peace and her respect for the connection between healing and music :-

How Could Anyone Ever Tell You (Libby Roderick)
May the Presence of the Goddess…
Standing Here
She Reminds Me of Who I Am
I Walk With Beauty
Ho Ha sHee
Remember Me as Loving You

I’ve Got the Goddess in my Heart
Peace is a River
Children of Abraham
Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen)
We Send You Healing
La Mer, La Mar, The Sea
Reprise: How Could Anyone Ever Tell You

and :-

12 Goddess Chants: (Oh Ichy Kawa, Hey Inanna, Earth My Body, The Goddess is Alive, She Changes Everything, What Goes Down Comes Around, Hoof and Horn, She is the Weaver, Ella Cambia Todo Que La Toca, Isis Astarte, We All Come From the Goddess, We Are Sisters on a Journey)

It was through tuning into the sacredness of the land, and discovering the stories and myths of ancient cultures, that Julie became a follower of the Goddess. “The Goddess allows me to be both political and spiritual … (philosophically and musically). I feel we need to welcome the divine feminine into our lives and into our hearts … Patriarchy has led to wars, killing, and the rape of mother earth. Both men and women need to feel the love of the feminine side of God.”

Julie sings every year at The Goddess Conference in Glastonbury, which was started seventeen years ago and is now an annual event. Attended by women and men from all over the globe, it celebrates the mysteries of the Great Mother.


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