Kundalini Meditation CD by Sally Pullinger


Journey with ancient snake priestess, Shisquasi.  Chanelled by Sally Pullinger Priestess of Avalon.  Soundscape, recording and production by Jerome O’Connell

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In this Kundalini meditation CD by Sally Pullinger, trance medium Sally brings through an Ancient Snake Priestess, Shisquazi.  Shisquazi herself channels a multi-dimensional group of Beings who teach us about the powers and mysteries of Sacred Sexuality as the key to understanding the purpose of all creation.  Included on this cd is a visualisation intended for a woman seeking to find the balance with the inner divine masculine.

Shisquazi expresses her dismay at the state of our understanding and treatment of the subject of sexuality generally within our modern culture, especially when it comes to young people.  She asks us to go deep and try to remember our true nature and restore the innocence of our relationship with our bodies and our sexuality.

‘You must take your children back to you and teach them well’ she urges us. ‘Sexuality is for the enlightenment of heart and soul. Human beings are a sacred vessel for the realisation of what is God and Goddess’.  From the point of view of the Ascended Enlightened Beings speaking through Shisquazi, all human pain has its roots in the imbalance of communication between male and female, man and woman. ‘The sexuality is in the roots – tend to the roots and the plants will flower well’.

This meditation contains language that is heterosexually orientated




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