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Lady of Avalon – available for UK orders only.

This Lady of Avalon doll is one-of-a-kind, hand embroidered with powerful Goddess symbols and decorated with meaningful adornments.


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Please note, this item can only be sent in the UK at the moment. please accept our apologies.                                                However She will be available to purchase in our shop in Glastonbury.

The Lady of Avalon – She who is sovereign, she who holds us in Her loving embrace as we journey to the Ancient Isle of Avalon.

The beautiful Lady of Avalon is one of a kind and handmade by Michaela Cordes. Her face is sculpted out of clay and her skin is painted in a violet silver translucent tone. The Goddess doll is holding a golden apple in her right hand, a symbol of the summer land of Avalon. Her velvet scarf is hand embroidered with the Goddess symbols: the Vesica Pisces, the apple, the spiral, the crescent moon, the swan and the serpent. Under her purple crushed velvet dress, she wears a lilac organza slip. The Lady`s hair is curly grey with lilac strands, made out of organic dyed wool from Somerset. Michaela was inspired by the Avalonian sacred landscape and her own vision of the Lady. This beautiful Lady of Avalon comes with her own wooden stand and is created from materials fround in the Avalon landscape,  every one is individually made by hand.

Her size is 53 cms tall which includes a wooden stand, she is 16.5 cms from finger tip to finger tip and she is 15cms depth. Please note delivery information listed below. We can only send Her signed and tracked, please choose this option at the checkout. 

Michaela is an artist, healer and a Daughter of Brighid of Avalon. She creates all of her art dolls for her deep love to Goddess and to bring joy and healing. All of her Goddess dolls are made from Mother Earth gifts: sticks, herbs, crystals, organic dyed wool, clay and fabric. They stand approx. 18 inches tall. The dolls are all one-of-a-kind, hand embroidered with powerful Goddess symbols and decorated with meaningful adornments. Michaela`s figurines make wonderful altar dolls, they are infused with prayers, blessing and love which went into the manifesting process of creation.

When ordering please choose the signed and tracked option, this will make sure your item is covered by insurance and that it arrives with you in perfect condition. 


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Weight 995 g
Dimensions 53 × 42 × 15 cm