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Lady of Avalon A4 art print by Kat Shaw

Hail and Welcome Great Lady of Avalon. Keeper of the mysteries of the sacred and ancient Isle of Avalon


A beautiful new art print by emerging Priestess artist Kat Shaw.
Lady of Avalon
Hail and Welcome Great Lady of Avalon. The keeper of the mysteries. The holder of the truth. The
weaver of the universe. We walk upon your sacred land with love and respect as if we were
caressing your naked body. Hold me tightly as I awaken into your consciousness in order to serve
You, as You. We are one.
Honour your Goddess within. Love your body. Have gratitude for your abundant flesh. Kiss your
voluptuous rolls and sprinkle adoration onto your wonderous breasts. Rejoice as your thighs dance
to the story of your life. Reconnect with abundant self-love.
The time is now.
Women –Stand together. Honour each other – we are not alone. We are one.
One divine feminine. One Goddess. I, we, She.
No difference, no separation.
See yourself reflected back in the mirror of the blank face of the Goddess – We are all one.
We are all Goddesses!
We are She.

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Weight 175 g
Dimensions 34 × 25 × 3 cm