Mother Divine CD by Craig Pruess and Ananda


Pure and powerful.

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This beautiful CD is often played in the Goddess Temple in Glastonbury.

With its sublime & spacious vocal chants to the Divine Mother – Devi – it is a beautiful soundscape to be played at ceremony and in healing spaces.

Mother Divine can be found in all the world’s traditions and She brings forth the qualities of love, compassion, caring and beauty. These spacious chants can transport the listener to a celestial space of deep calm and bliss. The 108 sacred names of Mother Divine (the “Lalitha Ashtotram”) is a sacred text from thousands of years ago. Features visionary painter and Art of Living vocalist, Ananda, with music, arrangements and production by Craig Pruess.

Pure and powerful.

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Weight 120.00 g
Dimensions 17 × 15 × 2 cm


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