Rhiannon Anointing Oil

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This energetic Rhiannon Anointing Oil has been created by Aromatherapist and Priestess of Rhiannon Angie Twydall.  Intuitively inspired and blended using essential oils chosen for their energetic qualities.  Use this Rhiannon Anointing Oil to call love, beauty, sensuality and passion into your life. To use, place 1-2 drops upon your wrists, rub together and raise both to your nose as you breathe in deeply.  Anoint your third eye, palms, soles of your feet or wherever you feel guided.  Wonderful to use in your rituals and ceremony.



This beautiful Rhiannon Anointing Oil is created with  the following ingredients :

Sweet Almond Oil, Essential Oils – Mandarin, Patchouli, Cinnamon, Sage, Rosewood, Coriander, Clary Sage, Black Pepper which is The Crimson Blend associated with strength, vitality, rebirth and resurrection. Together with Rosewood, Mandarin, Patchouli, Ginger, Fennel, Cypress, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Star Anise, which is The Sacral Blend, to smooth the flow of energy through the Sacral Chakra, associated with calmness, contentment and improved social connection.

Angie has carefully created Goddess Anointing Oils for when you need to be able to shift something energetically, when you feel at a crossroads in your life.  The Goddesses are based upon the archetypal energies and elements of the Celtic Wheel of the Year, as visioned by Kathy Jones.

This anointing oil and associated products are handmade using high quality essential oils.

10ml Blue Glass Dropper Bottle

Cautions: Pregnancy, breastfeeding, children under 18 months.


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Weight 290.00 g
Dimensions 7.00 × 3.00 × 3.00 cm

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  1. lenema88@gmail.com (verified owner)

    LOVE THIS!! It smells so good!! I love blessing my forehead with this! I also drop a few droplets into a tea candle that I light for a special someone 😉

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