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The Girl God written by Trista Hendren , illustrated by Elisabeth Slettnes

Especially for children, exploring the divine feminine in a beautifully written and illustatated story.


A book for children young & old, celebrating the Divine Female.

Magically illustrated by Elisabeth Slettnes with quotes from various faith traditions & feminist thinkers

Praise for The Girl God

“The Girl God: a picture book to show girls that god can be a girl, god is inside, god is an idea, a positive action or good deed, god is open to creative interpretation and should be about everyone. A great book to dispel the myth that god is male with wonderful illustrations by Elisabeth Slettnes. Empowerment for our girl children.” -a girl’s guide to taking over the world

“Read this book to your daughters and your granddaughters, and perhaps they will never doubt the validity of their inner voice. Read it to yourself to remind you of your own. Read it and weep. Read it and heal. Read it and smile with the relief that someone finally had the courage to tell our girls that God is not just for their brothers and their fathers. Walk away knowing that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is equally the God of Sarah, Rebekah and Rachel. But most importantly, walk away knowing there is a Girl God inside you too.” -Monette Chilson, author of Sophia Rising


“A deceptively simple story about a whimsical young girl named Helani Claire, who would make Emily Dickinson smile as she deconstructs the patriarchal god of her father with the bluntness of a child. Akin to: If Kate Chopin was still alive, writing (and self-publishing) children’s books. Elisabeth Slettnes’ colorful paintings are feasts for the spirit, as are the addition of selected quotes and poems. Wisdom abounds.” -Philadelphia Weekly

“This book will be one I treasure, for it is rare indeed–the articulation of the divine feminine for both children and adults, a bridge between our spiritual beginning and our spiritual future, a spark for the reawakening of humanity.”
-Elizabeth Hall Magill, author of Defining Sexism

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