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The Heroines Club by Melia Keeton Digby.

Nourishing a deep, lifelong and powerful connection to our daughters, for all the women who went before you and for all those that will come after you.


This wonderful book offers nourishing guidance and a creative approach for mothers and daughters, aged 7+, to learn and grow together through the study of women’s herstories.

Each month focuses on a different heroine, featuring athletes, inventors, artists, and revolutionaries from around the world – including Frida Kahlo, Rosalind Franklin, Amelia Earhart, Anne Frank, Maya Angelou and Malala Yousafzai as strong role models for young girls to learn about, look up to, and be inspired by.

“In a world that devalues the female from birth, The Heroines Club is a beautiful gift for mothers and daughters to reestablish their worth, power and creativity. I enjoyed reading it myself and look forward to working through the monthly activities with my daughter. A highly recommended read for mothers of girl-children filled with ideas you can easily incorporate into your lives. If you have wanted to begin an empowering mother-daughter circle but were at a loss as to how, The Heroines Club walks you through it seamlessly.”

Trista Hendren, author of The Girl God series

“Melia Keeton-Digby has created a wise ritual, rooted in ancient practices and invoking the issues of our times. The Heroines Club brings relational sensitivity and a fierce fighting spirit to the support of mother-daughter bonding, the creation of community, the calling forth of the Motherline and the honoring of a pantheon of heroines who inspire women’s empowerment as well as their psychological, and spiritual development. A blessing for women and girls, I hope The Heroines Club will travel the world.”

​Naomi Ruth Lowinsky Ph.D, Jungian analyst, author of The Motherline

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