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The Serpent’s Tale

An allegorical novel, The Serpent’s Tale  by Annabel du Boulay, explores a mother’s search for meaning, leading the reader on an inspiring journey of spiritual transformation rooted in Gnosticism, pagan mythology and the wisdom of the Black Goddess Sophia.



The story unfolds around three tales:

THE MOTHER’S TALE: A mother sits by her daughter’s incubator, wondering why the Madonna allows such suffering in the world.

THE NURSE’S TALE: In response, an Italian nurse tells the mother a story that was told to her ancestors by a travelling storyteller.

THE STORYTELLER’S TALE: It is 1583 and Italy is at the mercy of the Roman Inquisition. Driven by his thirst for revenge, the storyteller Alessandro arrives in Santa Sofia and conspires with the villagers to overthrow the despotic Bishop. During the ensuing seven days, their lives will be changed forever as they fight to protect their wise woman from the fires of the Inquisition.

” a truly magical book”,”absolutely brilliant”,”a beautiful and powerful story”,”deeply inspiring”,”so compelling, I couldn’t put it down””made me think about women’s suffering”

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