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Wild Woman Wisdom Journal and diary – Sale price on line £18.00

Anchor yourself in the changing seasons of your cyclical nature.


This journal is for anyone who wants to track their cyclical ways.

If you menstruate, you can chart your moods and tendencies according to your cycle. If you no longer menstruate, have very long cycles, or do not have a womb, then you can use the moon cycle as your guide. If you take hormonal contraceptives, you may find that your natural rhythm is muted, so bear this in mind. You may just need to listen a little more closely.

Wild Wisdom menstrual cycle journal : a chance to understand who you are each day, each month, each season. 

  • Daily menstrual cycle tracking
  • Week to view journal to record your tendencies

  • Weekly inspirational prompts

  • Monthly reflections

  • Guide to the lunar phases

  • Seasonal intention setting

  • Yearly overview of your bleeds

  • Space to dream and invite creativity

The simple art of paying attention and witnessing our cycle shifts, leads us to really meet our inner tendencies and step into our power.


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Weight 450 g
Dimensions 21 × 15 × 2 cm