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Wuriupranilli – New Goddess of the World Banner by Wendy Andrew

She calls to you to tend your


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Wuriupranilli is an Aboriginal solar Goddess –

Her campfire in the east is the dawn light. After decorating Her body with ochre each morning She lights Her Eucalyptus torch from Her campfire and sets off to travel across the sky to Her evening camp in the west. Here She disappears below the horizon and puts out her torch. She redecorates her body with ochre which stains the sky causing beautiful sunsets. During the darkness of night She returns to Her camp in the east via an underground tunnel.

She calls to you to tend your

Wendy’s love of The Goddess, mythology and the ‘old ways’ found expression in her  artwork. Over the last few years Wendy has become internationally recognized for her exquisite Goddess and mythological paintings. Her paintings are in collections worldwide.

Wendy’s paintings can be seen reproduced as prints and cards as well as in various publications including ‘Wicca and Witchcraft’ magazine, ‘The Pagan Wheel’, ‘Spirit and Destiny’, ‘The Bardic handbook’ by Kevan Manwaring published by Gothic Image, ‘The Personality Profiler’ by Claire Gordon published by Carroll & Brown Ltd, ‘Fairies 101’ by Doreen Virtue published by Hay House, and ‘Pentacle’ magazine Summer 2007. Also in Doreen Virtue’s Goddess oracle cards and Unicorn oracle cards.

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