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THE MORGEN ROOM  For Tarot and Oracle Readings in Glastonbury

We have different readers every day and are happy to make a booking for you.

If you are visiting Glastonbury for the day and would like to book a reading please telephone 01458 832533, we are open from 10am to 5pm daily, or call in when you are in Glastonbury and we can arrange a reading for you.  We are situated just off the High Street in the Glastonbury Experience.

Or you can contact us here.

Prices are £40 for a half-hour reading and £60 for a full hour.

Goddess intuitive Oracling card readings with Estelle Davenport in the Morgen Room, 

 Come and let your soul speak to you about what it wants for you. Hear about the gifts you have and how your special combination of personality and your karmic journey could bring you happiness and fulfilment in this life time. Estelle is a Priestess of the Goddess as well as an integrative psychotherapist who is in training to become a sexologist and couple’s therapist.

 People who have had Goddess intuitive Oracling card readings with Estelle in the past, report their lives and understanding of themselves have been significantly changed through what they have experienced during their readings.

Heart centred intuitive card readings with Jacqueline Percy

Jacqui is a heart centred intuitive reader, healer and teacher with 25 years of experience,enriching her readings with compassion and humour. She offers deeply intuitive guidance enabling you to unlock deeply held resistance to change. Her gifted insights will help you to awaken fresh clarity allowing positive shifts and new directions to birth.

Jacqui is trained within vibrational medicine encompassing divination – cards, colour, crystals, astrology and aromatherapy.

Motherpeace Tarot readings with Katie Player

Katie Player is a Priestess of Avalon living and working in Glastonbury. She has thirty years’ experience with the Tarot and offers Readings using the Goddess focused Motherpeace Tarot Deck. Katie offers guidance, clarity and encouragement with her oracle readings which can answer a particular question or provide an overview of the next few moons.

“I can’t recommend Katie highly enough” (H)

Mythic Tarot Readings with Sally Bryant

Astrological Counselling
Humanistic Therapeutic Counselling (CPCAB)

Many of us are experiencing deep changes outwardly and within us at this very challenging and transformative time. Using the supportive tools of astrology, tarot cards and humanistic therapeutic counselling (psychotherapy), we can together gain insight, inspiration, clarity and grounded-ness. And only from this place can we make wise decisions and co-create out future.

The cards enable me to give you support in a creative and magical way. Immediate communication happens on a very personal and private level which opens up exciting new possibilities, hope and light, in a challenging and changing life situation.

Sally is a Priestess of Rhiannon and has over thirty years of experience as a holistic therapist, counsellor and tarot reader. She also practices as a dance movement therapist with courses and workshops running in Glastonbury.


Open 10am – 5pm daily.

The Morgen Room at Goddess Temple Gifts is a unique space for tarot and oracle readings in Glastonbury, offering you intuitive guidance and healing journeys.

Make an appointment,  for yourself or as a gift to another, you can buy beautiful gift vouchers for friends here.

Come to Glastonbury, to the Morgen Room and receive the guidance and wisdom that you seek to support your Soul journey in this life time.

A deeply intuitive and inspirational reading is often helpful particularly as we move from one space into another. Guidance and insightful wisdom are offered those seeking support, direction, clarity, and renewed balance. Those nagging questions can be addressed and doubts and anxieties laid to rest.

with love and blessings

The Morgen Room, for Tarot and Oracle Readings in Glastonbury