Welcome to Goddess Temple Gifts!

Based in Glastonbury, Somerset in the UK Goddess Temple Gifts is a beautiful and unique shop which offers you all things Goddess.  You will find artwork, music, jewellery and so much more that is created and handcrafted by Goddess loving people for Goddess loving people!

If you have visited our shop in Glastonbury, you will know that we are based in the Courtyard at the Glastonbury Experience, opposite the Goddess Temple.  The wonderful music and incense that surrounds you in the Temple can all be found at Goddess Temple Gifts, together with many other reminders of your time visiting the Temple.  When you make a purchase from us, please know that you are not only supporting the work of independent artists and creators of beauty, you are also supporting the Temple.  

As part of the Glastonbury Goddess Temple community, it is our aim to help bring Goddess to the awareness of all who need Her.  To see Her image adorning places and people, all over the world. To know that music created in devotion to Her is being heard, and words written about Her, are inspiring many.  We love to support wonderful designers and artists who are ignited by Goddess…





Blessings to you,wherever you are.

The very nature of many of the items we sell means that the shop and this website are updated often, sometimes with unique pieces. 

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We thank you so much for your support, we hope you enjoy shopping with us. Please do get in touch if you have any questions.  

Blessed Be x