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Hanging On By A Red Thread by Kathy Jones

A personal and deep transformational journey with breast cancer

by Priestess of Avalon, Kathy Jones.


Hanging On By A Red Thread by Kathy Jones is an alchemical journey with breast cancer based on Kathy’s personal experience of the disease. We follow her passage through the ravages of orthodox treatments and a host of complementary therapies.

There is strong spiritual dimension to this tale of transformation which brings Kathy face to face with her own mortality and with Goddess. An inspiring read for all cancer sufferers and their carers.

This book is written in the form of a variegated diary of experiences Kathy had while she was threatened by breast cancer. The book is particularly valuable for awakening women faced with this challenge, or similar challenges. It shows how Kathy, on her own journey, got to the bottom of what ailed her, as part of her healing.

Kathy says :-

‘This book is the story of my personal journey with breast cancer based on excerpts from the diary I wrote at the time. It tells of my experience with orthodox cancer treatments and with a whole range of complementary therapies, giving you an idea of what is available and which ones worked for me. At the back of the book I give a list of the things I tried and where you can find them if you are on this healing quest. The list is ever increasing as new discoveries are made about cancer.

I had never considered for a moment that I would ever get cancer. I had never had any major illnesses in my life. I was forty eight years old and had lived a seemingly healthy lifestyle for many years and was outwardly a happy and creatively fulfilled woman. I found that in order to heal myself I needed to understand why I had caught this disease. I knew there had to be underlying reasons why I had cancer, as well as there being toxins out there in the world which had given it to me.’


Hanging on by a Red Thread by Kathy Jones 128 pages, illustrated  ISBN 1 872983 08 1

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