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Danu of Air A4 Print by Caroline Lir

‘All Hail and Honour to Danu, Ancient Grandmother, Queen of the North. Breathe stillness and respite into our lives, help us to reflect on our journey through the sacred year.’

This A4 Print is also available as a Gift Card and A3 Print.


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Danu of Air A4 Print by Caroline Lir

At the Winter Solstice we turn to Danu, Queen of the North, Mother of Air, Keeper of Ancestral Memory. She comes to us from the high mountains, snow capped and magnificent, and brings to us the cold clear stillness of midwinter.  Hers is a time of reflection, meditation and spiritual renewal. She is the ancient grandmother of these lands, mystical fairy Queen of the Tuatha de Dannan. She is Bone Woman, Stone Woman, and Old Cailleach of legend. Under Her watchful eye we change, grow weep, laugh and come to know ourselves.  As we emerge from the stillness of Her season, having meditated on our harvest of the year, learning from the gifts and experiences we have been given, we are transformed, filled with new purpose ready for the awakening of Bridget’s rod as the days lengthen.  Danu keeps the memory of the first ancestors and all time.

We find Danu sitting high up in Her mountain Eyrie, amongst the eagles nests. Behind Her the sky is filled with magical glow of the Northern Lights and Arianhrrods Castle rises from the mountain mists. Danu is wrapped in soft white blankets, embroidered with silver and violet thread, and in Her beautiful Holly headdress, gazes lovingly towards us. Her eyes twinkle with merriment, ancient wisdom and love. Her owl swoops over Her head and eagles fly all around Her, One eagle, Her companion, rest near Her feet, powerful and free. She holds the Black Rod of Winter, around which flutters her Sacred Wren….Even in the midst of winter the perfumes of Summer waft around her, for She is Mother of Air, the breezes of a summer day are Hers, as well as bitter winter winds, with snow flurries and blustery autumnal squalls’.

Danu’s animals are the eagle, buzzard, owl and wren. Her tree is the Holly and Her symbols are the Sceptre, sword and feather fan. Her colour is silver.

This Danu of Air A4 Print by Caroline Lir  depicts all of Her qualities and associations described.  This painting can be seen in the Goddess Hall at Glastonbury, where the Priestess training takes place. Caroline painted her way around the wheel of the year when she was training to become a Priestess of Avalon, as a way of processing all that she was learning, which now in turn benefits all students who take the Priestess training.


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