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Embrace The Goddess CD by Anique Radiant Heart

A beautiful Goddess honouring album from Priestess Anique Radiant Heart, embracing the love of Goddess.


Embrace The Goddess CD by Anique Radiant Heart

Anique Radiant Heart is a light-filled woman who has dedicated her life to serving and teaching about the Divine mother.

All of Anique’s CDs are recording in ceremony. A circle is cast before she begins, candles are lit, the elements are called in as the space is blessed in preparation.  Prayers of gratitude are offered after each recording.

The songs on this CD are meant to be sung anywhere, anytime, and in any way you wish. Certain songs were designed for a specific purpose, and those will be clear by the titles.

Anique says “I encourage you to listen well, and sing these songs often. Magic and healing are embedded with love within them. In Her service and with love to you, I give to you”

Songs On Embrace The Goddess CD by Anique Radiant Heart:-

1 – Singing Her Praises – Song about my journey to finding the Goddess (7.00)
2 – Moon Mother – Song written for menarche ceremony (5.52)
3 – Journey – Song about moving through life (4.54)
4 – Summer Solstice – Song to celebrate Summer Solstice (4.04)
5 – Autumn Equinox – Song to celebrate Autumn Equinox (6.37)
6 – Winter Solstice – Song to celebrate Winter Solstice (5.24)
7 – Spring Equinox – Song to celebrate Spring Equinox (4.39)
8 – Blessing of the Ancients – Great song for Spiral Dance and for procession (4.23)
9 – Heart Prayer – Sung prayer to open the heart (7.17)
10 – Flying to You – Song of devotion to She (5.16)
11 – Rising like a Phoenix – Song to help with letting go (6.40)
12 – Moving Ever Closer to You – Song of Devotion to She (3.29)
13 – Casting the Circle – Song to Cast the Circle (Southern Hemisphere) (9.04)
14 – Daily Prayer – Spoken prayer (2.13)




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Weight 60.00 g
Dimensions 15.00 × 13.00 × 1.50 cm