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Swan Maiden Bridghe Gift Card by Elluna Art

Beautiful Swan Maiden Bridghe Gift Card  from Elluna Art.


Swan Maiden Bridghe Gift Card by Elluna Art

This is a print of Elluna’s  original Bridghe painted drum of the Swan Maiden.  Elluna’s original painted drum is now available to buy as a print in the form of this beautiful gift card.

Elaine Morgan is the creatress of  Elluna Art.  She is a self- taught artist, healer and holistic therapist living in the West Midlands.  Elaine mainly paints in acrylics onto canvas, stone and fixed frame drums. Elaine’s  inspiration comes from many things, feeling the energies of each season, nature, the land and how women bring through and interpret the Goddess in their everyday lives.  Her paintings also inspire her to write poetry and on many of her cards and prints you will find a poem dedicated to the Goddess.

Elluna Art paintings of the changing face of the Goddess in nature, can often be seen gracing the altar in the Glastonbury Goddess Temple. 

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Weight 25 g
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 1 cm