Goddess  Temple Gifts

Goddess Temple Oracle Cards – by Sara Perini and Elena Albanese

A beautiful and unique oracle deck based on the Avalonian Wheel of the Year.


The Mother Goddess Temple in Glastonbury has birthed many beautiful expression of Goddess in Her world.

Sarah Perini,  a Priestess of Avalon and founder of the Turin Goddess Temple, together with Elena Albenese  have co created this beautiful Goddess Temple Oracle deck inspired by the turning of the wheel of the year in Avalon and by the knowledge of what it is to enter the the Great Temples of the Mother Goddess and become Her oracle.

Goddess Temple Oracle – 45 full colour cards, with the accompanying booklet in 6 languages.

-What are the cards that thrilled me at first glance? Which ones gave me goosebumps at the first touch? Many, of course! But I would like to mention three in particular. The Lady of Avalon, flame of wisdom, transformation, and absolute love, ethereally dressed in a blue veil like a starry sky and with a divine spiral on her womb. The Water Temple, in its lunar landscape, sacred, and splendidly rooted in the ancient traditions of lake and spring sanctuaries. Blessing, depicting a winged, horned fairy in the moment of blowing her own breath of healing and inspiration through the thick of the woods. © Anna The Traveller


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Weight 400 g
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 5 cm