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Goddesses of the America’s – Spirit banners of the Divine Feminine by Lydia Ruyle.

This is a beautiful book that tells the story of the spirit banners created by Lydia, some of which you will have seen at the Glastonbury Goddess conference in the past years.

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Goddesses of the Americas: Spirit Banners of the Divine Feminine
by Lydia Ruyle

How many of us remember the beautiful spirit banners that have graced the Glastonbury Goddess Conference, created by the wonderful Lydia Ruyle. Many of those banners are listed in this beautiful book, dedicated to the incredible creative work of Lydia Ruyle.

This 150 page, full color book features banners and descriptions of over 75 Goddesses and Divine Feminine figures. Accompanying each banner is a description and historical information on each figure.

The rich colors and unusual layout make this book a treasure for both the heart and the mind.

We still have a few of Lydia’s spirit prayer flags depiciting different world Goddesses. Please contact us on sales@goddesstemplegifts.co.uk for info of what we have in stock.

An affirmation of the sacred feminine as embodied and experienced — Jean Shinoda Bolen

A gift to all who honor the Goddesses of many cultures — Miriam Robbins Dexter

…a treasure of a book.– Cristina Biaggi

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