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Heart Song by Louise Tarrier

A beautiful collection of poetry dedicated to Goddess and all Goddess loving hearts


Heart Song by Louise Tarrier, Priestess of Avalon, is a beautiful collection of poetry dedicated to Goddess and all Goddess loving hearts, beautifully presented and written.

“I believe our creativity is the method by which we can access healing and emotional connection with each other and the planet. I believe that being creative is our natural way of being and our purpose as individuals. By accessing our creativity through our imagination and intuition we are able to fulfill our life’s purpose and lead fulfilling and meaningful lives. I assist in creating circumstances and environments that enable individuals, to access this intuition and to discover and nurture their creativity in a sacred way.

When we are in deep connection both with our own passions and life purpose we can gain understanding of the ‘other’ and develop compassion, ensuring that we are in right relationship with each other and the wider natural environment.

I work with individuals and groups to create experiences which increase self-esteem and inner-strength and through which they can change their own and others life circumstances for the better. I believe that creativity, imagination and intuition can open up a world of possibility, and that through the magic of connection we can find solutions that benefit everyone.” Louise Tarrier

A wonderful gift for someone you love.

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Weight 250 g
Dimensions 22 × 15 × 1 cm