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Initiatrix – New CD by Heloise Pilkington

A beautiful new CD by Heloise Pilkington.



Initiatrix – New CD by Heloise Pilkington

Initiatrix – New CD by Heloise Pilkington; this  CD is the stunning new album by Priestess of Avalon Heloise Pilkington.

Heloise is a sacred sound Priestess , a teacher and a performer. Her intoxicating voice will lead you on a journey of discovery into the sounds of your own souls calling.  Her sound invocations held within Glastonbury Goddess Temple are the most extraordinary experience, and Heloise now offers a training course, Estatic Voice, The Path of the Wild Soul Singer, a year long journey to recover the primal power in your voice.

Initiatrix – New CD by Heloise Pilkington is the second album from Heloise Pilkington, and follows her ever popular Lady of Avalon CD which is a  an album of devotional songs celebrating The Lady of Avalon, The Great Goddess who lies in the sacred land of Glastonbury.  Her music is often played within the Glastonbury Goddess Temple.

These songs can be used for healing and ceremonial purposes.
They can also simply be enjoyed as beautiful songs.

Immerse yourself in sacred sound…

Reviews for Heloise :

“What a magical and beautiful work of art.”
Marco Bertola

“It’s really an extraordinary piece of work and I play it in all of my workshops.”
Maxine Fone


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Weight 60 g
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 1 cm