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Invoking The Goddess CD by Anique Radiant Heart

Beautiful Goddess meditation CD by Priestess Anique Radiant Heart


Invoking The Goddess CD by Anique Radiant Heart

“All the prayers, chants and songs were channelled whilst in trance state or during meditation. They came complete and powerfully through my heart and my voice to be shared with you”

1 – She Changes – wonderful chant to connect to Goddess and open the heart. (16.26)
2 – Gratitude Chant – long chant to offer gratitude (15.52)
3 – Kali – chant to invoke Kali and work with the Root Chakra (3.23)
4 – Hathor – chant to invoke Hathor and work with the Womb Chakra (3.55)
5 – Pele – chant to invoke Pele and work with the Solar Plexus Chakra (3.40)
6 – Kuan Yin – chant to invoke Kuan and work with the Heart Chakra (6.05)
7 – Medusa – chant to invoke Medusa and work with the Throat Chakra (3.46)
8 – Isis – chant to invoke Isis and work with the Third Eye Chakra (4.52)
9 – Ancient Mother – chant to invoke the Goddess and work with the Crown Chakra (4.42)
10 – Invoking the Goddess – song of celebration (5.33)

Praise for Invoking The Goddess CD by Anique Radiant Heart

“Anique’s powerful Goddess voice is a thrill to experience, and this long-awaited CD of her sacred songs, prayers and chants is the next best thing to being there. It’s about time!”  Vicki Noble Motherpeace

“An exquisite sound….Anique’s voice lifts and inspires us, then grounds us in a profoundly earthy and healing embrace. Soulful music that speaks to the heart. A powerful tool to heal, energise and awaken us in these challenging times.” Jennifer Berezan


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