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Ker by Elluna Art A4 Size Print

Ker by Elluna Art A4 Size Print, the abundant Mother of the Harvest


Ker by Elluna Art A4 Size Print

Ker, Mother of the abundant harvest, grain Goddess of plenty.

Elaine Morgan is the creatress of  Elluna Art.  She is a self- taught artist, healer and holistic therapist living in the West Midlands.  Elaine mainly paints in acrylics onto canvas, stone and fixed frame drums. Elaine’s  inspiration comes from many things, feeling the energies of each season, nature, the land and how women bring through and interpret the Goddess in their everyday lives.  Her paintings also inspire her to write poetry and on many of her cards and prints you will find a poem dedicated to the Goddess.

Elluna Art paintings of the changing face of the Goddess in nature, can often be seen gracing the altar in the Glastonbury Goddess Temple.

The following beautiful poem is devoted to Ker,  and is on the reverse of the print :-



I woke early on a Lammas morn
To work upon my field of corn
The scythe felt heavy in my hand
As I walked across the fertile land

Gold and orange was the morning sky
Lit by flame as the sun rose high
And in the field stood a lady fair
Dressed in yellow with belly bare

And She was beautiful like no other
Blooming radiance of a bountiful Mother
Heavy with child, so near to birth
A union between the Sun and Earth

She smiled sweetly as I came near
Behind her stood her sacred deer
Protective stag, white doe and fawn
Shimmering in the gold light of dawn

I stood before her, bowing down low
“Ah farmer you have come to mow”
Her voice was music to my ears
That soothed away my unfound fears

“I have my Lady” was my reply
“The corn to cut and left to dry
And Goddess willing we have no rain
So to reap a good harvest of grain”.

“Ah farmer, I have heard your prayers
I have come to take away your cares
For I am Ker the Goddess of the Corn
Grain Mother of harvests, waiting to be born”.

“So take your Scythe and make harvest
The grain will be of the very best
And with it make your Lammas Bread
Celebrate the Corn God because he is dead.”

With that she turned and walked away
Blessing the corn as she made her way
Towards the sacred Tor, with deer in tow
As I picked up my scythe and began to mow



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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 30 × 21 × 1 cm