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Lady of Avalon CD by Heloise Pilkington

Lady of Avalon CD by Heloise Pilkington is just the most beautiful album with each track is dedicated to the turning of the wheel of the year and evokes the presence and serenity of the Lady of Avalon.



Lady of Avalon CD by Heloise Pilkington

This wonderful devotional album by Heloise Pilkington, Priestess of Avalon, was released at the Goddess Conference in 2013.  Her voice reaches the place in us all where Goddess resides opening our hearts to the magic and mystery of Avalon, in a sung celebration of the Wheel of the Year.

Many of these songs were written within 24 hours of the ceremonies for which they were intended; they carry Her energy and can be used for healing and ceremonial purposes. They are simply beautiful songs which take you on a journey to find the Lady of Avalon.


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Weight 60.00 g
Dimensions 15.00 × 15.00 × 1 cm