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Lady of Avalon Print by Elluna Art

Lady of Avalon by Elluna Art. ‘Her hands are outstretched beckoning to those she calls out to as she emerges from the violet flame.’


Lady of Avalon Print by Elluna Art

Elaine Morgan is the creatress of  Elluna Art.  She is a self- taught artist, healer and holistic therapist living in the West Midlands.  Elaine mainly paints in acrylics onto canvas, stone and fixed frame drums. Elaine’s  inspiration comes from many things, feeling the energies of each season, nature, the land and how women bring through and interpret the Goddess in their everyday lives.  Her paintings also inspire her to write poetry and on many of her cards and prints you will find a poem dedicated to the Goddess.

Elluna Art paintings of the changing face of the Goddess in nature, can often be seen gracing the altar in the Glastonbury Goddess Temple.

The following is what Elaine says about this incredible painting and what inspired her to paint it.  This is also upon the reverse of the print :-

‘She stands the centre of a circle of apples just has she stands in the centre of the wheel of Avalon. The apple boughs that surround her tell their own story of death and rebirth, from the seeds, to buds, blossom, fruit and then decay.

Her hands are outstretched beckoning to those she calls out to as she emerges from the violet flame. Around her are the bright orbs of the Fae honouring her as the Queen of Faeries. Then surrounding the wheel of apples there are depictions of the landmarks and legends of the Isle of Avalon.

The Chalice Well, with the Lady’s black cat and the red and white flowers honouring the two sacred springs of Glastonbury.

The Grail, with the waters of the red and white springs springing forth. The Lady of Avalon as the Lady of the Lake in Arthurian legend with her swan and then the Tor surrounded by mist at moonlight with a crow signifying the Lady of Avalon as one of the nine Morgan’s.

As the Lady of Avalon was painted on the time of the Thunder moon it seemed right to honour this by depicting full moons in the painting.’



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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 1 cm