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Love Your Lady Landscape by Lisa Lister

Trust Your Gut, Care for ‘Down There’ and Reclaim Your Fierce and Feminine SHE Power
A powerful and timely book teaching women how to connect to the wisdom of their bodies to heal, re-balance and transform their lives.



Love Your Lady Landscape by Lisa Lister speaks about the time, roughly 5000 years ago, when SHE Power reigned and lady landscapes were revered. A time when the space between a woman’s thighs was considered a power portal with a direct hook up to Source.

But for the last 2000 years, the potent powers of our wombs, our cyclic nature and our menstrual cycles have been disregarded. In modern times, this disconnect from the feminine cyclic experience is causing an epidemic of stress, emotional depletion and frustration, infertility and ‘down there’ pain and disease.
In Love Your Lady Landscape, Lisa Lister takes us on a revelatory journey through the terrain of what it is to be a woman. Packed with tools and practices to reconnect women to their feminine wisdom, this book will help you to:
– release guilt and shame from the past – explore self-pleasure and sensuality – learn about your menstrual cycle and its connection with the rhythms of nature – discover the sacred art of receiving – unleash your creativity – find your voice to communicate your needs, wants and desires
This book will move you into a fiercely loving and healing relationship with your body, and teach you how to use its cycles and signs to create a life of vitality and fulfilment.

This is a timely book that meets the current demand for information on connecting with the feminine cycle through spiritual tools for healing and empowerment.

Lisa Lister is a writer and a menstrual, fertility and reproductive-health practitioner. She is the founder of the SHE Flow system, which invites women to celebrate the fiercely feminine, sensual pleasure of being a woman through movement, massage, mysteries and magic. Lisa is dedicated to helping women crack their lady code, reconnect with their body wisdom and love their lady landscape. www.thesassyshe.com

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