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Motherpeace Tarot – A Motherworld Tarot

As the values of the Motherworld are re-awakening and as Goddess is re-emerging into consciousness so there is renewed interest in this wonderful tarot deck.

A unique and inspirational gift for yourself or another.


The Motherpeace Tarot was  originally created by Vicki Noble and Karen Vogel in the 1970’s  and moves away from the traditional imagery and form of Tarot.

The following is from the Motherpeace website; –

In creating the Motherpeace Tarot we, (Vicki and Karen), gathered images from ancient Goddess cultures and earth-based people, because we perceived that those cultures to be an original source for the wisdom we found in the tarot.

The Motherpeace tarot deck is a bridge back into an era when a high value was place on artistic expression and ritual, and when communities supported individual uniqueness as well as group welfare. We incorporated images of people in a variety of roles focusing on times and places where women were leaders or active participants in spheres beyond their immediate families. The Motherpeace cards became more than a divination tool for us: they were and are, a fundamental healing process for reaching beyond the limitations of gender, age, race and class roles found in our society.

“The Motherpeace Tarot has been a wise and loving oracle. A clear mirror, also, that constantly shows the truest face.”

~ Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple ~

A unique and inspirational gift for yourself or another.

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Weight 310 g
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 5 cm