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On Finding Treasure by Kathy Jones



Being Itself a Magical Exposition on the Nature of Intuition and Creativity and the Transformative Includes the playscripts for five Ariadne productions.

Mystery Plays of the Goddess, including 5 actual scripts



On Finding Treasure by Kathy Jones describes the power of Sacred Drama in the life and plays of Ariadne Productions as performed on the Isle of Avalon from 1983 to today. Inspired by the energy of Ariadne the snake goddess, Ariadne Productions has been creating sacred drama within the Glastonbury community for the last 13 years. On Finding Treasure is an exciting autobiographical account of the development of this unique form of ritual drama which reworks ancient myths and integrates present day realities to reveal the presence and nature of a great Goddess who lives in balance with God.

‘Have faith in me. I am always here beside you. Do not be afraid. Tell my stories.

Diminished like many another before her by truth-turning Greek tale-tellers, originally Ariadne was a powerful, chthonic goddess of creation. Patriarchal myth-making reduced her to the priestess-daughter of a Minoan king, whose red menstrual skein threaded the mystery maze for the sun hero Theseus. Later she was said to have been abandoned on Dia’s shore by the man she had saved from the monstrous Minotaur. But Ariadne is so much more than this.

She is Ariadne, Ariagne, High Fruitful Mother of the Barley, Mother of All, the Very Holy, Very Manifest One, Wise Virgin, Divine Midwife, Lady of the First Light, Queen of the Sun and Moon. She is the River of Creativity, Serpent Mother, Snake Goddess and Lady of Lions. She is Guardian of the divine Bull-man Asterion and Mystress of the Moon Maze or Labrynth, not a spelling mistake but spelled to emphasise her connection to the Kretan House of the Labrys or double axe of the moon. Dionysus, the ecstatic Bull God of the Vine is her sacred marriage partner. Ariadne’s celestial home is Corona Ariadnae or Corona Borealis, the Northern Crown known as Caer Arianrhod, for she is also the Keltic (another K I like) Arianrhod of the Silver Wheel, She who closes the door to the Aeon. She is Queen of the Dark and the Light in the Darkness. She is the Dark Light.’

Except from On Finding Treasure by Kathy Jones.

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