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Pre launch special offer £19.95 – New and updated edition of Priestess of Avalon , Priestess of the Goddess by Kathy Jones

For the last nine months Kathy Jones has been revising and expanding this wonderful book, first published in 2006, which forms the foundation text for the Priestess/Priest of Avalon teachings in the Glastonbury Goddess Temple in Avalon.
It has a wonderful new cover created by Vita Schouten and the text is longer and more in depth than before.
Over the years since its first publication hundreds of women and some men have read the book, participated in the trainings and taken all they learned out into the world – creating their own Priestess and Goddess trainings, Temples, Conferences and events in Britain, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Portugal, USA, Japan, Australia and many more countries.
‘I can genuinely say that it is a feast of a book, full of so much amazing juicy information and experience, essential reading for Priestesses and Priests of Avalon and anyone interested in learning more about our wonderful Priestess/Priest of Avalon training here in the Glastonbury Goddess Temple.’ – Kathy Jones
all books will be signed by Kathy.
From the Introduction
“Our love for the Lady often begins when we first hear Her name – Lady of Avalon, Lady of the Holy Isle of Avalon, Lady of the Lake and Lady of the Lake of Mysts. These Goddess titles echo like a distant trumpet blowing through our lives, awakening us to long-forgotten memories. Her name strikes a chord within our souls that resounds in every part of our being. Deep inside we already know Her.
In our hearts we feel connected to the Lady of Avalon by a thread, which may be tenuous and gossamer thin, but it is alive and vibrating. We want to strengthen that thread and follow it. We want to devote ourselves to the Lady as we believe the ancient priest/esses of this land once did. Some remember being those Priestesses in previous lives. In imagination and visions we see robed womanly figures walking the sacred landscape, climbing the slopes of a steep hill in ceremony, worshipping Goddess beside the holy wells. We see them serving Her people as ceremonialists, healers, poets and scryers, as midwives of birth, life and death, living a life of praise and dedication to Her.
We wish to live such a life now, although we have little idea of what this might mean.
We long to become present day Priestesses and Priests of Avalon, dedicated to Goddess. We hear Her voice calling to us and we respond,
“Yes, Lady, I am yours! May I be your priestess?”,
without truly knowing anything about Her or the transforming nature of Her service.”

Books will be sent out on Wednesday 22nd May .


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