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HerStory..a DVD about the visionary life of Lydia Ruyle and the Banners of the Divine Feminine by Dr. Isadora.

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This wonderful DVD captures the beautiful story of the incredible life of Lydia Ruyle and the Banners she created in her life to celebrate Goddess in all her forms.

“Herstory: The Visionary Life of Lydia Ruyle and the Banners of the Divine Feminine,”is a new 1-hour documentary film by Dr. Isadora that shows the colorful and heartwarming story of Lydia Ruyle, a scholar, author, professor, political activist, matriarch, and iconic artist.

At age 60, she began creating her Goddess Banners, which are visionary images of the Sacred Feminine drawn from all cultures. The collection grew from 18 banners to over 300, which she used to inspire, empower, teach, and share their herstories all over the world.

The Tsunami of energy that came from this blessed woman helped change the trajectory of so many people’s lives.

The film also documents the incredible story of how her worldwide community came together, with less than 2 weeks notice, to celebrate her, say goodbye and how they honored the passing of a matriarch.






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