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Priestess of Avalon Priestess of the Goddess by Kathy Jones

Priestess of Avalon Priestess of the Goddess is a book which provides an inspiring and exhilarating journey into the Heart of the Goddess, learning of the Mysteries of Avalon and the renewed Priestess of Avalon tradition. Share Kathy’s experiences of living in Glastonbury Avalon for 30 years, learning of the ways of the Goddess in the sacred land, and the experiences of other Priestesses who have also chosen this spiritual path.

Kathy Jones is a Priestess of Avalon.  She is a writer, teacher, healer, ceremonialist, initiator and sacred dramatist.  She is a co-founder of the Glastonbury Goddess Temple and the Isle of Avalon Foundation.  She teaches self-initiation as a Priestess of Avalon and other Goddess Training, and Esoteric Soul Healing.

Priestess of Avalon Priestess of The Goddess is a journey of transformation of becoming a Priest/ess within the sacred Landscape of Glastonbury Avalon.

544 pages with illustrations and colour.





Priestess of Avalon Priestess of the Goddess by Kathy Jones is a renewed spiritual path for the 21st century.

The Lady of Avalon is the Goddess who dwells on the Isle of Avalon, the Mysterious Otherworldly Paradise which lies across the waters, beyond the mists. A Priestess or Priest of Avalon is one who devotes her/himself to the service of the Lady of Avalon, to Her sacred land and to Her people. This is an ancient yet ever new spiritual calling which speaks to many women and men in the present day. For She is the Great Goddess, the missing piece of the picture, the Divine Feminine and Lady of our hearts.

‘The Isle of Avalon sparkles in the morning sunlight.  In the hollows still dark and damp with dew, ribbons of mist hang low, wreathing the ancient stones, curling around the sacred springs which flow unceasingly from the Mother’s body. Through the mist a bell rings, calling Her priestesses to Her Temple of Avalon.  From the small dwellings nestled amongst the trees figures appear in ones and twos, threading their way along tended paths to the Holy Place.  Their soft woollen robes of violet and blue blend in and out of the mists, emerging, merging’



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