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Rapture – a book by Shakti Sundari

whatever wounding or trauma we experience at menarche will resurface again at menopause ( if not before ) – rapture.


Chapter 1 of RAPTURE is called “my erotic her story.”


Because how we act and respond sexually and relationally now will be shaped by what was modelled and passed on to us from the moment we were conceived.

Not just about s@@, but about our bodies, self-expression, boundaries, self-worth and feminine essence.

Most of this will remain unconscious. Taking on a naturalness we do not question.

Until we start bumping up against our triggers, challenges and dissatisfaction – again, not just in s@@ and relating (though this may be the most obvious area) but right across our lives.

How we were taught to think of ourselves as women, how our life-force, emotions and creativity were either welcomed or stymied.. how our innate sensuality and womanly cyclicity were either celebrated or shamed… and whether we were given the tools to communicate effectively, honour our boundaries and grow into sovereign women or not… all of this – until questioned – will impact our pleasure, passion and power.

In the bedroom and out of it.

Of course, each of us will have our own unique narrative and experiences.

But it is at menarche, that most crucial moment of initiation into womanhood, that most, if not all young women, are imprinted with a codex of distortion and limitation.

Which, if it is not unwound before, will rear its head more forcefully at menopause, as the force of the feminine looks us squarely in the eyes and asks us to finally cut ourselves loose from the scripts of immaturity, victimhood and manipulation.

For too long now, women have been living with that wounded maiden still intact inside.

Her liberation relies upon our commitment to seeing, feeling and owning her in all her glorious light and dark.

And so we begin our journey into RAPTURE.

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