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ReTurning CD by Jennifer Berezan

This beautiful CD of Jennifer Berezan is evoking the lineage of ancient singing Priestesses to ReTurn…played often in Glastonbury Goddess Temple, gentle evocative music to remind us all that we are all returning to the Great Mother of us all.


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ReTurning CD by Jennifer Berezan is  a  long playing healing chant to the Mother of Us All.

Recorded in the Oracle Chamber in the Hypogeum at Hal Saflieni, Malta. A 6000 year old Goddess temple made for sound. ReTurning is an extraordinary follow up to Jennifer Berezan’s classic album She Carries Me. Evoking the lineage of ancient singing Priestesses, Jennifer weaves together a rich musical tapestry. A unique and beautiful blend of some of the world’s most profound sacred musical traditions. Timeless and Contemporary.

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Weight 110.00 g
Dimensions 15.00 × 13.00 × 1.50 cm