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Rhiannon by Elluna Art – A3 Size Print

Rhiannon by Elluna Art A3 Size Print, Goddess of love, beauty, sensuality.  Woman of the blossoming hawthorn.


Rhiannon by Elluna Art A3 Size Print

Rhiannon, Goddess of love, beauty and sensuality.

Elaine Morgan is the creatress of  Elluna Art.  She is a self- taught artist, healer and holistic therapist living in the West Midlands.  Elaine mainly paints in acrylics onto canvas, stone and fixed frame drums. Elaine’s  inspiration comes from many things, feeling the energies of each season, nature, the land and how women bring through and interpret the Goddess in their everyday lives.  Her paintings also inspire her to write poetry and on many of her cards and prints you will find a poem dedicated to the Goddess.

Elluna Art paintings of the changing face of the Goddess in nature, can often be seen gracing the altar in the Glastonbury Goddess Temple.

The following beautiful poem is devoted to Rhiannon, and is on the reverse of the print :-


Rhiannon and Pwyll

On this day I have accepted your ring

Come lay with me, my Prince, my King

In sweet grass and fragrant flowers

Feel my warmth and sexual powers

For I am but a maid, dressed in red

As we lie together on our marriage bed

Let me show you the secret of my desire

To stroke the length of your ardent fire

For I am Rhiannon the Goddess of love

Pure and gentle as my winged dove

Our love will be told as Bard’s lore

The day you stood on my father’s Tor

I caught your eye, the sunlight on my hair

As I rode by you on my white mare

You came after me, you did not tarry

And I had decided that we should marry

In my father’s kingdom we were wed

Through sparkling, fairy boughs we were led

We danced with fairies to celebrate our day

Around Beltane fires, on the eve of May

So come lay with me, my Prince, my King

And untold pleasures of love I shall bring.



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Weight 175 g
Dimensions 43 × 30 × 2 cm