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Sally and the Wheel of the Year

This lovely book, tells the story of Sally, a ten year old girl with a strong character, who travels to a secret isle and learns magical lessons on her journey!


Sally and The Wheel of the Year by Chantal Soenen, Priestess of The Goddess

This is a wonderful uplifting book about Sally, who is a headstrong little ten year old girl with so much to learn of the world inside and outside.

During one year, Sally travels to the secret Isle and meets nine Goddesses.

She learns about nature, all that happens during a year and most importantly of all, she learns some very important lessons of life, about friendship, respect and even love.

During this magical year she will celebrate many different festivals, with dwarfs and gnomes, pixies and fairies. She will fly on a dragon, dance around the fire and dive into the ocean with dolphins and seals. But most important of all, she will have a great time!

What Chantal says about her book and the inspiration for it;-

‘When I started my studies and learned about the Goddess, my daughter always wanted to hear the stories about the Goddesses over and over, and so Sally came alive. Sally is a girl of ten with a strong character. She always wants things to happen her way and never considers how other people feel. She has her own friends, who are her fairies, and for that reason, she doesn’t have a lot of friends at school because other children find her strange with those fairy tales. And then there is also her bossy way of being. So she has to learn still a lot from life. But these lessons she will not learn at school or at home but at her secret isle, where she will receive the help of some lovely friends. She travels to this isle during the night on a moonbeam, and when she arrives there, some friends are waiting for her.’

Sally and The Wheel of the Year by Chantal Soenen is a perfect introduction, for our young people to learn more about nature, the wheel of the year and of course, Goddess!

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