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Sheela na Gig – Sculpture by Artist Jane Rickard

This beautiful little Sheela na gig will grace your home and altar with a blessings of protection and creation.
Created by artist Jane Rickard and resin cast, place her where you can see her and everyday be reminded of where you came from!
Sheela na Gigs are ancient symbols of fertility and protection, often found on old churches and now in museums and in private collections around the world. inspiration for this figure came from the Sheela na Gig at Kilpeck.
this little figure sits 9cm high , heel to heel she is 7cms, heel to spine she is 9.5cm and she weighs 182 g.


We all come from the Goddess , and to Her we shall return.

Additional information

Weight 182 g
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 12 cm