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Single Mothers Speak on Patriarchy – a girl god anthology of writings

Single Mothers Speak on Patriarchy raises the voices of women who are so easily dismissed.


More than 45 single mothers from around the world share their struggles and triumphs via essays, poems, art and critique.

Edited by Trista Hendren and Pat Daly
Cover art by Liz Darling

Contributors include:
A.L. Hayes, Anne Bonnie, Arna Baartz, Auriol Hays, Beth Mattson, Brenna Jean Richart, Celeste Gurevich, Chris Ball, Colleen Joy Miller, Destiny Eve Pifer, Elmira Rodriguez, Ihla Nation, Irene Sanchez, Jacinda Townsend, Jakki McIntosh, Jennifer Kimmel, Jessica Ruizquez, Julie Wolfrum, Kali Sunna, Karen McLaughlin, Katherine Belliel, Kelsey Lueptow, Lennée Reid, Lesley ‘Orion’ Johnson, Liz Darling, Louise M. Hewett, Louise Pennington, Lucía Martínez, Marianne Evans-Lombe, Martina Robles Gallegos, Mia Wright, Michelle Plata, Molly Pennington, Nicola O’Hanlon, Nile Pierce, Noelle Williams, Patty Kay, Rhonda Case, Shamecca Long, Sierra Melcher, Solana Simpson, Susannah Gregan, Trista Hendren and Veronica Cioaric. This anthology also includes the voices of numerous women who chose to be anonymous or use pen names.

“If we are ever to value women, we must value mothers. Our voices can be easily ignored or dismissed. Single Mothers Speak on Patriarchy raises the voices of women who are so easily dismissed. This collection of words and art from single mothers is at once enraging, inspiring, uncomfortable, moving and authentic. Solidarity, sisters, and congratulations on speaking your truth. The rest of us? Listen up. #MothersOfTheWorldUnite”.
-Vanessa Olorenshaw, author of Liberating Motherhood, Birthing the Purplestockings Movement.

“These are voices that need to be heard … yet so many block their ears: the pain of memory and/or recognition may be too much. These stories speak a deep essential truth about the global cultural context for those engaged in maternal care, and where lies the illnesses of our times – that are seen played out everyday…This anthology furthers and encourages the speaking of womens’ truths, which often does indeed split the world open: but it apparently needs to be so. May more have the courage required, and may they be safer as they do so. May those who hear have more compassionate response for the mothers and the children, and may laws be enacted as if She – in us all – mattered.”

-Glenys Livingstone Ph.D., author of PaGaian Cosmology: Re-inventing Earth-based Goddess Religion

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