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Sunna , an A4 art print by Elluna Art

Sunna, a beautiful new art print by Elluna Art



The evening sky has turned to orange and gold
As Sunna, white hot makes her descent
Her Horses rearing, tossing flaming manes
They set their course with fiery intent

She urges them on, Early Waker and Swift
All day they have galloped fast and true
Chased by the treacherous wolf Sköll
Through the skies of ever changing hue

Down, down, down they quickly descend
The sky darkening as Sunna’s task is done
Sköll growls and lies in wait for Ragnarök
The chase is over and today Sunna has won.

Elaine Morgan is the creatress of  Elluna Art.  She is a self- taught artist, healer and holistic therapist living in the West Midlands.  Elaine mainly paints in acrylics onto canvas, stone and fixed frame drums. Elaine’s  inspiration comes from many things, feeling the energies of each season, nature, the land and how women bring through and interpret the Goddess in their everyday lives.  Her paintings also inspire her to write poetry and on many of her cards and prints you will find a poem dedicated to the Goddess.

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Weight 150 g
Dimensions 21 × 30 × 1 cm