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The Ancient British Goddess by Kathy Jones

A Spiritual Quest to Find the Primal British Ancestors with beautiful illustrations.

Written by  Priestess of Avalon, Kathy Jones

264 pages, illustrated.


In The Ancient British Goddess, Kathy takes us on an inspiring journey into the bounteous and abundant nature of our native, ancient British Goddess. Based in English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish traditions she explores the Goddess in Brigit’s Isles as Maiden, Lover, Mother and Crone, as Mother of the Elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air, through the cycle of the seasons of the year and the Sacred Wheel of Britannia, Goddess of these Isles.

Not just looking backwards to a past that has gone, this beautifully illustrated book also focuses on the return of Goddess spirituality to Britain and Her present day revelation. Included are the experiences of fourteen Goddess loving creative women who are bringing the Goddess alive, with Asphodel Long, Caitlin Matthews, Carolyn Hillyer, Jill Smith, Julie Felix, Lady Olivia Durdin Robertson and Monica Sjöö.

In ancient Britain the Goddess was the One who expressed Herself through the Many. She was the great Void, the Beginning of all things. She was the Source of Life, the Creatrix, Continuer and Destroyer of all that exists. She was the Matrix, the Great Mother, Spinner of the Thread of Life and Destiny, Weaver of the Web of Continuity and Cutter of the Thread at death. All souls were born from Her sacred Womb, lived for a span upon Her Body the Earth, then returned to Her Tomb/Womb at death. She was Mother of the Stars in the Heavens and of all Nature. She was the Tree of Life.

She was the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone; the Virgin, the Lover and the Whore. The Holy Grael of Immortality, the Chalice of Love and the Cauldron of Transformation were all in Her keeping, reflecting Her Triple nature. She was the Three, Nine and Nineteen Sisters, Ladies, Maidens, Mothers, Faerie Queens, Crones or Hags, who expressed themselves through the fourfold cycle of Her seasons.

The Ancient British Goddess comprises 256 pages, 300+ beautiful illustrations and photographs


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