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This place of Herons – a double CD by Carolyn Hillyer

there is so much beauty and depth in these songs, from the deep Earth all is a gift.


Beautiful card-wrapped double CD album compilation of early and vintage songs sourced from Carolyn’s first four albums (1992-1998).


Double album compilation of early and vintage songs sourced from Carolyn’s first four albums (1992-1998), including some her best loved and most well-travelled songs and chants that have become classics within the cauldron of women’s sacred, magical and wild earth music. Beautifully remixed and remastered, with twenty-eight original tracks selected from HOUSE OF THE WEAVERS, HERON VALLEY, GRANDMOTHER TURTLE and OLD SILVERHEAD.

Many of these early songs were originally recorded onto reel-to-reel tape in a tiny garden-shed-studio on Dartmoor. All of them have travelled widely and continue to be performed, shared and adapted for concerts, choirs, circles and ceremonies around the world. The songs are presented here in their original form. They were created while Carolyn was in her thirties, when she was newly living on the moors with her young family, when she was starting to paint the iconic images that accompany so many of these songs, and when her singing voice tended to hover at least four tones higher up the musical scale than the voice of her seventh decade.

This collection, released to celebrate thirty years since Carolyn’s first recordings, reflects the themes of awakening to the spirits of wild land and to sacred women archetypes; arriving to new motherhood and the untamed moors; journeying through womanhood from maiden to mother to crone; and travelling with many of the magical and mythic strands of work that have deepened into Carolyn’s later songs, paintings and books.

FIRST ALBUM: House of the Weavers, Turquoise Lady, Jaguar, Rise of the Corn, Secret Stream, Sacred Marriage, Tread Gently, Heron Valley, Mother of the Moor, Holly Woman, The Mask, I (am the Spirit), Filled by You, Two Drumbeats

SECOND ALBUM: Grandmother Turtle, Brown Birds Turning, Shaman-Ca, Songi Night Hidden, Following First Blood, Good Mother Honey, Blessed Be the Blood, Come into Our Dream, In My Sisters’ Country, Spinmother, Braiding Power, Old Silverhead, Eight Beads Chant, Heron Fly You Home

All lyrics and simple music notations for the songs in these recordings may be found  in Carolyn’s new book WILD LITANY, a comprehensive archive of 200 songs with music notations and colour photos. For more information click here.

Beautiful card-wrapped double CD album, £18. 

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Weight 130 g
Dimensions 15 × 16 × 2 cm