Goddess  Temple Gifts

Urban Crow Oracle

immerse yourself in the wisdom of the Crow, messengers between the worlds.


With an ominous croaking call or foreboding flurry of black wings, crows can appear as mystical friends. We barely notice them, perched on tree branches and rooftops, dark sentinels carefully observing our world through intelligent black eyes.
you will find that crows form deep bonds, mourn at crow ‘funerals’, play, offer gifts to humans they like and exact justice by dive-bombing humans who have wronged them – remembering the faces and cars of human friends and foes alike. Their perceptiveness and resourcefulness allow them to flourish in forests, towns and even cities alongside us.

Each card in this oracle deck offers a message to the reader from the fascinating behaviour of these birds, from the sacred space of a nest to the community of a murder of crows, from the gift of a shiny trinket to the curiosity of a city crow peering into a human home.

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Weight 350 g
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 4 cm