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Wheel Of the Year by Wendy Andrew

Wheel of the Year Calendar created by Wendy Andrew. A stunning addition to your altar.


Wheel of the Year by Wendy Andrew is a truly amazing creation, designed so that you can turn the wheel to reveal the Goddess of each season. Perfect as a focus for your season altar.

Peeping out from the branches of the tree are animals and symbols of the previous and coming season.

At the foot of the tree, these words appear:

‘Hail Lady
Your presence
is constant
and ever-changing
In birth and harvest
In aging and dying
In and in between worlds and lives
As the wheel turns Your presence is
constant and ever-changing
Blessed Be’

At each turn of the wheel, there is another beautiful illustration of the Goddess of the season, on the reverse of each turn there are inspirational words, for example at Autumn Equinox :-

‘Feel Me now as Mother Earth
I am your rock of strength.
Rest at this space of balance, where day and night are equal and prepare to journey with me into the dark. I am the setting sun. I am the waning moon. I am the Autumn leaves as they fall into me,
I am Earth.
Feel My presence, firm beneath your feet.
Treat Me with respect. I will hold you save in the darkness of your journeying.
I am your rock of strength.’

Each of the illustrations is also available separately as a gift card.

The wheel of the year is 225mm/9″ square, made of 400gm thick card, is laminated for protection and comes with a fold-out stand.

Additional information

Weight 130.00 g
Dimensions 23.00 × 23.00 × 2.00 cm