Yoni Oracle Cards created by Georgina Catling


A beautiful and unique Oracle deck that supports you to embody your Lunar Nature, your magical Menstrual Cycle and to connect to your Womb Wisdom.


Welcome to the Yoni Oracle Cards….
An Oracle deck that supports you to embody your Lunar Nature, the magical Menstrual Cycle & to connect to your Womb Wisdom.
The Yoni, is a Sanskrit word meaning the Divine passage, a Sacred space which includes the reproductive anatomy but is also a gateway to mysticism, beauty and power. The Yoni Oracle supports you in deepening this connection through journeying with the four Tribes within the pack: Crones, Maidens, Mothers, and Enchantresses, allowing their guidance to empower, nourish and reconnect you with your inner compass and the natural rhythms of Mother Earth. Through exploring the Yoni Oracle and embracing our cyclic nature our creative, passionate and authentic self shines!
The Yoni Oracle Cards were inspired by the magical Isle of Avalon and a personal healing journey by the author. The deck includes 45 potent images created by 9 different woman artists. Each image is a transmission in itself. There is a full colour guidebook including suggestions for ceremonies, sample spreads and inner journeying. The cards and guidebook are A6 in size and self published within the UK.
Few quotes from women that have purchased the decks
“Ah Georgie, I am really falling in deep Love with the Yoni Oracle. Today I drew Gatekeeper Yoni and did the extraordinary meditation from the book. WOW! I’m in awe of Aphrodites’ thighs and deeply grateful for Yoni Sanctuary”
“The Yoni Oracle is an absolutely breathtaking work of creative brilliance, and an important tool for womb workers and wisdom keepers the world over.  The artwork alone is exquisite and multi-dimensional, and the evocative and deeply felt written messages serve to support a vibrant unlocking and unfolding of the holy feminine soul”
“Hi Georgie, I led my first women’s circle last night with the help of your beautiful creation’s. My ladies were very taken with the Yoni Oracle Cards. I am very grateful for them”
“Oh wow. Just had an intense healing and revelations with the Gatekeeper Yoni. You are right. They are MAGICAL. Thank you so much”
“Hello beautiful one. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you deeply for all your hard work and love you have put into your yoni cards. I have been using mine the past week and have found them extremely insightful and comforting to work with. They are also extremely beautiful and my 2 young daughters have enjoyed playing with them too which has opened up a whole new beautiful world of communication around the importance of understand our feminine energy and embracing our body in all its glory and power. From the bottom of my heart to yours I thank you xxxx”

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Weight 560 g
Dimensions 18 × 15 × 6 cm


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